Travel Time

Transportation - taking a member somewhere in your car - is a non-billable service. In a non-billable note (like a 90899-5), you can just add it to the travel box on the first page along with any other drive time you have. But what if the note you're writing is billable, like a 90899-1? If you add transportation time to the travel box on this note, you're billing for it, which is something we aren't allowed to do. So you have to separate it from the rest of your drive time and account for it somewhere else. That's what makes travel time so complicated.

Here are some examples of different situations involving travel and transportation, showing how things looked on the screen when the notes were finished.


Example 1: Member picked up and brought back to TAO.

Example 2: Member picked up and brought in for a doctor's appointment, then taken home afterwards.

Example 3: Member picked up and brought in to complete a TCP, then taken home later in the day.

Example 4: PSC meets with member in the field, does a rehab service, then gives them a ride back to TAO.

Example 5: PSC drives to member's R&B and does 2 services there, a linkage (CMS) service and a rehab service, then returns to TAO alone.

Example 6: PSC picks member up, takes her to Social Security, has non-billable wait time, does a billable linkage service there, then takes member home and returns to TAO.

Example 7: PSC picks member up and brings him to TAO for P&I, does a rehab service here, takes him shopping, does a rehab service at 2 stores, a non-billable service at a 3rd store, then takes member home and returns to TAO.

Example 8: PSC takes member from TAO to a community event, provides a rehab service in the car and at the event, spends some time at the event not providing any billable services, then returns with the member to TAO.


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