Area 6 - Legal Status


Joyce was ticketed for sleeping in a car in 2010 after an eviction left her homeless. Joyce says she is “terrified of going to jail” because of her agoraphobia and panic disorder & will not go to court to clear up the ticket for fear of being arrested.

The only legal issue currently facing Miguel is a suspended DUI sentence. If he completes court-ordered “School 10” classes he will not serve any jail time. If he fails to complete the courses, the judge informed Miguel that he would be "right back here facing me on the DUI.” Due to Miguel's low tolerance for frustration and tendency to behave impulsively, he sometimes gets up and walks out before important meetings, so there is concern that Miguel might not complete the required classes.

Carlos was charged with a misdemeanor in early 2011. Due to anxiety, trouble concentrating, and lack of motivation and energy, Carlos failed to appear on this charge. This is a problem because Carlos is at risk of further legal sanctions if this issue remains unresolved.

Rachel recently spent a month in jail after violating the terms of her probation by testing positive for meth. She is required to meet with her probation officer on a regular basis. Due to disorganized thinking and trouble concentrating, Rachel sometimes has difficulty remembering the times and dates she is supposed to meet with her P.O. This is a problem because if she misses more than a few meetings, she risks being violated and returned to jail.

Vernon has an extensive history of incarceration and negative encounters with law enforcement. Over the past year, he has been arrested for public intoxication, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and vandalism. Due to disorganized thinking, memory problems, and impulsivity, Vernon did not show up for his court hearings on these charges and has now been charged with failure to appear.

Max is on probation and is required to meet with his probation officer on a regular basis. Due to irritability and difficulty regulating his emotional responses, Max got into a number of heated arguments with his P.O. and has now stopped meeting with him altogether. This is a problem because Max risks being violated and taken into custody if he does not meet with his P.O. and comply with the conditions of his probation.


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