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The fastest way for me to learn something new is by looking at examples. If you learn the same way I do, the information presented here should help you get the hang of documenting your work and assisting with the development of treatment plans. There are also materials available for download from the links on the lower left.



02/17/20: Starting April 1st, we'll begin using a single form for all Assessments and Care Plans. There will no longer be one form for the Initial and another for the Annual -- they'll all be done on the same form. The new form is available for download on the lower left ("Assessment & CP 040220" in blue).

08/27/19: The MSE and Diagnosis pages of the Initial and Annual Assessment must now be completed by an LPHA. Both forms have been revised to allow for that. You'll no longer be initialing and corner-dating these pages. If you're assisting with an assessment, be sure to download the latest version of the form from the links on the left (v. 040220).

12/10/18: Quick review of footnotes we're currently using (examples):

NFTF=Calling 911 while another PSC stayed with the member
TT=Driving alone between TAO and member's home
NBTT=Transporting member from her home to SSA and back
Note: Travel time divided between 2 services I did at this location
Note: There is no travel time on this note as I provided a billable service in the car.

Footnotes are only required on billable notes. Sometimes people add the "travel time divided" footnote to both the billable and non-billable notes for a given location, which can help make things a little clearer. The rest of the footnotes don't belong on non-billable notes. Travel time can be divided over 3 or 4 notes depending on how many services you do at that location. Of the 5 examples above, only the first 3 are County requirements.


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